• Image of 'POP HYBRIDS, Volume 1'
  • Image of 'POP HYBRIDS, Volume 1'
  • Image of 'POP HYBRIDS, Volume 1'

Featuring the first 20 designs from my 'Pop Hybrid' series, I present to you this highly collectible, 6x6", 24 page book.

This is a top of the line flush mount photo book. Flush mount books differ from regular photo books by being hand mounted on thick inner board with real silver halide photo paper, thus giving the book many desirable characteristics:

*Flush mount books are built like a brick, they feel robust and their weight carries a crafted feel.

*Flush mount books are rigid and meant for rigorous use.

*Flush mount books use real silver halide photo paper that comes with a beautiful Lustre finish.

*This book is made with real photo printing, which doesn't use halftoning. Instead it uses a chemical process done through exposure practices that have been practiced for 100 years. The final result is a real photo with truly seamless tones where no transition is apparent.

$58 + shipping, ships in 10- 14 business days.